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Providing free, high-quality
medical care to Tuberculosis
and HIV patients in Haiti.





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Ti Kay means “Little House” in Haitian Kreyol.  TB was traditionally the “malady of the little house.” It was the disease of the small houses where people were quarantined. But at the same time, given the problems of housing many patients face, it is currently a disease of those in need of little houses or with only the littlest houses.

Ti Kay, Inc. is a medical non-profit organization that aims to treat, and hence prevent, tuberculosis in Port Au Prince, Haiti. After the earthquake Megan Coffee, a US doctor, established an inpatient program for the care of TB patients and outpatient treatment was expanded after the earthquake, as well. 

Ti Kay supplements the work of the local hospitals and nurses by providing a medical doctor and additional nursing care, as well as ensuring that all care is free to both inpatients and outpatients. The PNLT (National TB program) provides all TB medications free to patients, while the local PEPFAR-funded HIV clinic provides free HIV medications, and many other medications and as well as food and oxygen are provided through private donations. Many additional medications and supplies, as well as facility costs, and food and oxygen, are bought with the work of Ti Kay.  Donations made to Ti Kay go directly to providing essential care for patients, including oxygen for critically ill patients and food supplements for malnourished patients.