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patients Former president Bill Clinton meets Dr. Megan Coffee.

Megan Coffee, MD, Ph.D.
Dr. Coffee was a UC San Francisco infectious disease fellow who was at Berkeley, California doing computer models tracking the spread of communicable diseases when the earthquake struck Haiti. With so many hospitals and clinics reduced to rubble, and most foreign doctors specializing in trauma care and surgery, there was a pressing need for infectious disease specialists. Cat Laine, who works for Appropriate Infrastructure Development group (AIDG) contacted Coffee and asked if she might come to Haiti. Dr. Coffee had intended to travel there in May on saved vacation time.

Two weeks after the earthquake, she postponed her postdoctoral research fellowship and headed for Port-Au-Prince via the Dominican Republic. Coffee arrived in Haiti with medicine, headed for a field hospital, but was asked if she could work at Hopital l'Universite d'Etat d'Haïti (the General Hospital), where she met the Charge Nurse for the TB Clinic before the earthquake. Together they, along with Haitian nurses from the hospital who were recruited, established a TB inpatient and outpatient ward under tents at the General Hospital. There had been a tent for Quarantine of Infectious Diseases, which they quickly realized was only needed for Tuberculosis—as it was the only infectious disease which required isolation in Haiti at the time. Dr. Coffee has worked with these nurses and others since January 2010 to continue this ward, now housed in a building, which has grown to see over 1,000 patients since the earthquake.



Ben Pritchard, RN
Registered Nurse and Medic from Ohio. Has volunteered full time since May 2011.


Jeanne Vodicka

Jeanne Vodicka, RN
Jeanne Vodicka, a Raleigh, North Carolina native, is a 2010 graduate from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors and is a Registered Nurse in North Carolina. Jeanne traveled to Haiti in the winter of 2009 on a visit to Cap Haitian. Her return flight back to the United States departed the day of the earthquake that shook Haiti January 12, 2010.

She was in love with the Haitian people and was eager to return to Haiti. Once Jeanne graduated, she returned to Haiti and joined Materials Management Relief Corps. The group linked Jeanne to Doctor Coffee at the General Hospital in Port Au Prince. Jeanne has been volunteering since November 2010.


Alain Vaillancourt M.Sc.

Alain Vaillancourt is a French Canadian from Montreal where he did a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Operations and Production Management. He graduated in autumn 2010 with a mention of excellence while working as a process analyst in an ERP implementation project. Alain started working in Haiti in June 2011 as a medical warehouse manager and met Ti Kay's executive director Doctor Coffee at the same time. Having finished his work with the warehouse he joined Ti Kay in September 2011 volunteering as the Director of Logistics.

Rebecca Johannessen

Rebecca is a paediatric nurse from Australia who started out nursing in 2004 as a nursing assistant and has nursed ever since, while studying to progress to a registered nurse.

She obtained a Bachelor of Nursing at Charles Darwin University, specializing in emergency nursing, public health and tropical medicine and completed a post graduate certificate in paediatric critical care.

I have worked as a volunteer in Kenya in 2004 and 2009, and has been working at Ti Kay since August.